How do I Order ExperiMones, Putatives, and other Custom Products?

ExperiMones, Putatives, and Custom Fragrances are single molecule, dosed pheromone products. Androtics Research is the company that pioneered dosed pheromones in 2003.

Expert pheromone tinkerers rely on these as the backbone to really tweaking their personal pheromone mixes.  Before that, people had to rely on all kinds of inaccurate methods to build mixes. A 10" roll on of this product, a half spray of this product, BLECHH! It's hard to communicate these mixes to others. It's hard to replicate the results again.

Our ExperiMone line of products unlocks the ability to make consistent mixes that are easy to replicate and share. YOU create your own precision dosed single molecule products, so you can explore and discover the doses and mixes that get you real world results.


Which products are considered "Custom Products"?

Anything from the "Advanced (Researchers & Serious Enthusiasts Only)" Section of our store.

These include ExperiMones, Putatives, and Womens/Mens Fragrance Customizations.


What is the turnaround time?

Just a few days. We like to get them out as soon as we can.

They are custom made for you, upon order. Because personalized dosages vary from customer to customer, we don't pre-make anything. Expect a 2 - 10 business day turnaround time, depending on how many orders we have in the queue any given day.


The #1 cause of order delays is when a customer forgets to choose a dosage.

The following screenshots will help you avoid adding days of unnecessary delays to your order.

Please follow the subtle clues in the screenshot below to ensure your order will be processed as quickly as possible. You must select a dosage for the order to be properly fulfilled. Without this information, our Concierge team must stalk you like a crazy ex-girlfriend and get your sign-off on dosage. This can take a few hours to a few days.




More useful info about Experimones & Custom Products can be found here:


What's the Best Dosage for My Experimone?


Here is a handy chart with suggested dosage ranges, based on 10 years of collected user feedback:

It was compiled in June 2014, and will help you take a little of the guesswork away from dosing.

As with many things, a little goes a long way. We suggest you steer closer to the minimum dosage range, and perhaps pick one even lower. Some molecules show activity in the nanogram range!  After all, you can always add more sprays. But you can't easily subtract them... Your roommates may look at you weird for the amount of pheromone-negating showers you take in the middle of the day. :-)



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