Can I cancel my order/product?

We understand sometimes you change your mind after your order has been placed. No worries, in most instances we can make changes for you no problem. As long as your order is still processing, we can still make the change. In order to process you request please submit a ticket using the Contact Us link at the top of your login page.

In order to ensure we get the order shipped to your specification we need a bit of info from you:

  • Order #

  • Specific items you would like canceled/changed

While we will work hard to meet your request, our first priority is to get your order filled and shipped as quickly as possible. That said, there is a chance our awesomeness got the best of us, so some orders might have already been shipped. No matter what, rest assured we will make every effort to comply and make your shopping experience a happy one.


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    I wish to cancel my order still being processed.

    Items P96
    order number Invoice ID: AD119528

    29 Oct 2017 20:00:19 GMT

    Please message me when you have transfer the funds back into my bank account thank you,


    its taken you 38 day to process my items please just cancel my order.

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